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Scrub all you like, itll stick around for two days

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one more week....

one more week until the South Coast is slated to open. Things have really come together in the last few weeks.

I'm stuck here while a vendor is calibrating the outside signs tonight. I'll be walking the property shortly to take a few last pictures before we open and are never empty again. For anyone who's never opened a casino before, this has been a pretty amazing experience.

Image hosted by

Image hosted by is it just me, or does this look like the White Castle signs?

and of course, my contribution to the casino:

Image hosted by we have since filled that empty rack and added two additionals...

Image hosted by

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That's a great picture post.. thanks for sharing!
np. I got some more while I was here, last night. I just have to upload them when I have time/energy. it's been a long month.