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Scrub all you like, itll stick around for two days

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South Coast Opening

We're officially open as of 7:15p tonight. The fireworks show was good. There were debris covering the entire front parking lot, as the fireworks were fired low and towards the front of the property.

The front doors opened at 7:16, and by 7:24 the fire alarms were going off due to a roof fire. The best part of that whole mess was watching the fire trucks with ladders pull into Valet, firemen unloading in full gear (air tanks, full suits, and axes) while security was still allowing the general public through the doors. "Welcome to the South Coast... We're currently on fire, but come on in!"
I got a few pics of the fire trucks with my camera phone, as digi was up in the hotel. I'll try to get those posted.

From an MIS/IT standpoint, the opening went very smoothly. We'll find out the rest this weekend.

robbieboi, I haven't forgotten about you. We weren't able to purchase any chips until today. I will pick one up tomorrow and get your information outside of LJ. feel free to e-mail me : cracnup at yahoo dot com
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