smithchaos (smithchaos) wrote in vegas_casinos,

Top Ten List (for all you casino people)

Hey guys! We were bored last night at work and came up with a Top Ten list. ENJOY!

Top 10 Things You Want to Say to a Guest But Can't:

10. Wipe the drool from your face! We know you are a slot zombie, but you don't have to prove it!

9. What part of $10 minimum do you NOT understand?

8. I don't suppose there is a cordial personality in there I could talk to.

7. Oh, I'm so sorry let me just put that $5 loss back on your card!

6. With that charming demeanor, I can't imagine WHY you are such a LOSER.

5. Get your "high-roller-$3-comp-ass" outta my face. NEXT!

4. Have another beer and maybe it won't matter anymore.

3. Look at my face- Now, do you think that I care?

2. I think that's WHY they call it GAMBLING!

1. Well, not all losers are just forgotten... Custer for example!
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