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Alrighty y'all. I just wanted to babble for a minute to see if anyone was out there. I FINALLY got a job! I am at Flamingo in the "Connection Center", which will soon be the "Total Rewards" Center. I've been there a few weeks now & have learned a few things:

I have a true advantage with my southern drawl. People rarely get mean with me. I guess they think I just got here too & am just as confused as they are(lol... great trick).

Visitors are generally nice, but boy when they are mean... they take the cake.

I love working on the strip, I love getting off work in the wee hours of the morning & everything is quiet for the night & simply beautiful.

I found a tshirt that I think should be mandatory for all employees: "I'll be nicer, when you try to be smarter".
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"I'll be nicer, when you try to be smarter".

I am NOT a religious man, but AMEN.
How about just "Be nicer, or I'll kill you"?

Sorry, just got off work, I have a lot of customer-service rage still in me. ;)
LOL. You should have heard me going off this morning. My Hubby works the 7a-3p shift & I work 5p-1a shift. I called him at 1 to vent. It was mean, but I needed someone to be sympathetic to my cause.

I think we need to start a damn customer service union. I darn sure don't get paid enough for someone to yell at me over $5 free slot play. And why (oh why) do people go off when you ask for ID??? Do they not realize they need it to go pee?

Look what you started! All the hostility is bubbling back! :P